Unlike some years ago when web sites were almost exclusively static, the standard currently is to have a feature-rich, dynamic web site. Not many people can create this type of web site from scratch though, therefore the most convenient solution to have a dynamic site is to use a script application. Lots of website hosting providers offer script installers that you can use to add this type of an application for each of your domain name or subdomains, so you'll not need to add anything manually. The main advantage of using an installer tool is that the scripts are available to use within a few minutes and the copy that'll be installed is already with the settings needed for it to run efficiently on the particular hosting web server, so you will not need to adjust any script or account settings. In this way you can effortlessly create one with only a couple of clicks even when you have never had a website before.

1-click Applications Installer in Shared Website Hosting

With our shared website hosting plans you'll get a 1-click script installer with more than 50 scripts which you can use to create any kind of website. For instance it won't take you more than a couple of clicks to set up an online store, a realty portal or a forum. All you will have to do will be to choose the domain and the script and to type in the admin login details. Our system will do the rest and a couple of minutes later you'll be able to enter the back office and start adding your site content. That way you can set up a professional site even if you have never dealt with such matters up to now. To make thing even better, we'll provide you with countless 100 % free templates for some of the script apps. If you use the script installer, you won't have to spend money on web design because you can do everything yourself with just a couple of mouse clicks.