The client support that you'll receive from your shared website hosting provider is very important, regardless if you have pre-sales questions and you're not a customer yet, or you have a technical issue with an existing account. Prompt and correct information regarding a question or a problem can save you a lot of time and efforts, not mentioning that this could often be a proof that you are ordering from an actual website hosting provider and not from a reseller. When you buy a hosting account through a company that doesn't own its servers and it can't access them directly, it's almost certain that you will wait for a few days to receive a response to any kind of question, which means that your sites may remain offline for quite some time. In comparison, a supplier which offers various means of communication and has a support staff that is available all the time can assist you right away and help you minimize or completely avoid any downtime and potential losses.

24/7 Customer Support in Shared Website Hosting

We provide you with 24/7 billing, customer and tech support for our Linux shared website hosting packages. Even if you are not our client yet and you have questions, we will help you right away and provide the necessary information, so as to give you the choice to make an informed decision when you purchase a new web hosting account. We're available anytime, including weekends and holidays, and we provide various ways of communication to get in touch with us - live chat, phone, email messages and support tickets. For your convenience, we now have multiple phone numbers all over the world, so you can call the one that is closer to you. The maximum response time for your emails and the tickets is one hour. The actual response time is no more than 15-20 minutes, so you can forget about waiting for days and nights to receive assistance for any task or issue, irrespective of its complexity.